Giving Back

During my high school and undergraduate years (even beyond) I had little guidance in regards to exploring career options, major, and university programs. Often times I found myself in situations with poor advice, confused and just plain lost. My goal is to give back to the Latino community by providing free Career Coaching services to low income, at-risk or underprivileged High School Seniors and Undergraduates. Are you a parent and would like to ask questions about how to prepare your high school student for college coursework, the culture shock of attending college or any other questions? Feel free to email me at info@drreyeslifecoaching.com

Are you a high school student or undergraduate interested in coaching, please fill out the form below for more information.


The program will provide 4-weeks of coaching which will include 1:1 coaching and group* coaching. *Group coaching will only be available for those 18 and up.


Guidance on deciding what college or university program best suits the students needs; as well as other alternative programs to college. I am a firm believer that college is not for everyone.


Mentorship with be provided to those looking to develop their interpersonal and leadership skills.

Let’s change the future of Latinas like you.