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        <h1>Don't let being a multi-passionate Latina stress you out,  

let it ignite you! Yes, you can be a mom, a wife, a boss and anything else you want to do.
I provide my clients with clear guidance and accountability that not only motivates them to reach their goals but gives them lasting hope in their career development.

1:1 Coaching

Individual 40 minute coaching sessions

Rates starting at $75

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching 1 to 2 hours to troubleshoot organizational or team issues..

Rates starting at $100 per session

Coaching Membership

Membership subscription is for those ready to commit to letting go of their fears and changing their lives. Coaching membership are for those interested in wrap around services. This includes both 1:1 and group coaching sessions.

As low as $42 per month


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It’s time you followed your heart and stop letting others decide who you are.

Being multi-passionate is a blessing not a curse.  It means you have more love to give the world.