Bullet Journaling 101

Bullet Journaling 101

Steps on getting started

  1. Select a bullet journal
    1. Any composition book, spiral notebook or dot journal will do the job.  You do not have to buy a “fancy” bullet journal.  Start with whatever and see where it takes you. Starting is the hardest part but once you get going it will improve.
  2. Plan your bullet journal by creating an outline
    1. You can look on Pintrest and YouTube for ideas on spreads to use.  There are so many options.
  3. Put ink to Paper
    1. After completing you outline, put pen to paper.  Just do it! Don’t overthink it, mistakes will happen.  It’s ok, correct them and move forward.
  4. Weekly Reflection
    1. Review each week at the end of the week and move any pending items (reschedule, or cancel)
  5. Monthly Reflection
    1. Review on last week of month
    2. Take time to reflect on the month, review pending items.  Is there something that keeps getting pushed back?  This may mean that is no longer or priority consider cancelling or removing for the time being as a ‘to do’ and revisit it later. 
    3.  Example of how to complete a monthly reflections:
      1.  Review each spread (monthly, weekly, daily, habit tracker, etc) and write down if it worked or didn’t work
      2. Review your goals, what did you achieve or not achieve.
      3. Review what is pending
      4. Make an outline for your next month

Frequent Spreads Used

      • Yearly Resolutions
      • Monthly Goals
      • Goal Tracker
      • Habit Tracker
      • Expense Tracker
      • Weight loss tracker
      • books to read/read
      • Vision Board
      • Favorite Quotes
      • Monthly memories
        • Memorable Moments
      • a Map for:
        • Places to Go
        • Places visited
      • Mood Log
      • TV/Movies to Watch
      • Font Inspiration Page
      • Birthdays
      • Packing Lists (for travel/moving)
      • 5 Year Plan
      • Bucket list
      • Illustrations
      • Cleaning Schedule
      • Gift ideas
      • Advice
      • Planning routine
      • Photo Pages
      • Monthly Reviews

Thank you for visit, let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Bullet Journaling!