Hi, my name is Dr. Norma Reyes and I am a Career & Life Coach.

My biggest passion is helping busy women create a life and a career they love. 

As a first-generation American, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I “grew up” and sometimes I still even feel like that.  We have been taught that careers are linear and the reality is that those careers don’t exist anymore.  In the past, people stayed at their jobs for twenty years and received a pension, now we’d be lucky to get a 401k match.  

Our careers are dynamic, just as we are and we are here to live a purpose not work a job.  We can’t truly be happy and feel complete if we spend half our time in a place we hate or zaps all of our energy.  Aside from our families our careers should be our number one joy.

So what stops us from chasing our big dreams or goals? Ourselves, yes that’s right YOU. By learning how to overcome your limiting beliefs you can stop playing small and living the life you were born to live.

My goal is to give hope to other women, and remind them that they are not their circumstances. You can decide who you are, every day, and despite what others might say it’s never too late to chase your dreams. Schedule with me today!

For the last 10 years I have been working in the community, providing case management and behavioral health services.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (in the state of Texas) and I have my PhD in Adult, Professional, and Community education.   Career Counseling has always been my passion, I love to hear the career journeys of anyone that will share them.  There is an infinite number of possibilities, if you keep looking yours will come up.    If I can impart one thing on others it is to stay curious.  We are often scolded for asking why, though it is our salvation. Our curiosity and wonder will lead us to great things.   Keep exploring and you’ll find your place, your calling, your career.

What I do:

I provide women with simple, concise and direct career coaching. (no sugar here)

I provide women with guidance and accountability to work towards their goals.

I teach women how to believe in themselves again and how to push through the noise.

I teach women how to have lasting motivation and joy to keep going towards their goals.

My business story

My business started in the fall of 2019, while I was on maternity leave.  I had just given birth to my second son, Gavin. Gavin, my godsend, was an easy baby.  One of those unicorn babies, that sleeps through the night, within the first week. Life was great and I had everything I had ever wanted.  Everything was on autopilot. I began to feel like I was pointless. I mean I know I wasn’t, I had people that needed me, but I felt like I had no purpose.  

One day, as I was mindlessly browsing on Amazon, I came across a Kindle book credit.  (the universe was sending me signs) and I started reading again. And I mean, I read and read.  I felt a passion in me get re-ignited (here’s a list of books I read, that really got me going).  Those books changed my life, reminded me of my passion, and empowered me to take the leap of faith to start this business.  To live my life’s purpose.  

We all have this inside of us, I know it, I can feel it.  We bury it down and try to forget it. Some of us, really do forget, but others, like me can’t stop it, from coming back up during dull moments.  What’s worse is when this feeling comes up during our most joyous moments too. I should be so happy, but I’m not.  Why can’t I be in the moment? 

I don’t know why, but I do know that we bury our purpose underneath everyone’s expectations of us.

As a first-generation American, college graduate, and first, to break the poverty cycle in my family I was busy meeting expectations.  Unknowingly, I had taken my parents’ (and others) hopes, dreams and expectations, of me and ran with them.  “Oh, she’s the smart one” “the quiet one” “the one that’s hard to get along with” “the know it all” “She thinks she’s better than everyone”

Being a serial high achiever comes with its own unspoken burdens (I mean I have my PhD, I should know everything right? ha).  

  • You’re expected to always meet your goals
  • You find it hard to ask for help because you have always been expected to figure it out
  • Others believe that you don’t understand what it feels like to fail
  • Others believe you always have it easy
  • You’re not allowed to complain
  • Your failures go unspoken, shamed, or minimized
  • Wanting more out of life (living your purpose) is selfish 

I’m here to remind you, that you don’t have to continue living those burdens.  You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone and you can do it all. Life is too short to live under everyone else’s expectations of you. 

Giving Hope

Growing up, I was poor, so poor I had no idea how poor.  While I was poor, I always had hope for a better future and always saw the big dreams and opportunities were out there for me.  I just had to work for them. No one ever told me no, that I couldn’t dream big and I thought everyone else felt this way.  Until one day, I encountered kids that didn’t.  This was much later after I completed my Bachelor’s degree and worked as a case manager for a community center in the Westside of San Antonio.  I met kids, who were never given any hope of a better life; who did not know that more was possible. What broke my heart the most was when I asked a boy “So, where do you want to go to college?”  And he responded, “Do you really think I can?” I immediately replied, “Yes of course.” I can only hope that I changed his life that day, I gave him hope to chase his dreams.    

At the end of the day my business exists to inspire others to believe in themselves. To know that they can have a better future even if no one ever told them.  That everything is possible. And that they don’t have to do it alone that there are others willing to help guide them along the way, encourage them when they are down and keep them accountable when things get tough.


Education & Experience

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Adult, Professional & Community Education
Texas State University – San Marcos Texas Master of Arts (M.A.), Counseling & Guidance, Texas A&M University in San Antonio Bachelor’s of Science (B.S.), Counseling & Guidance, Texas A&M University in San Antonio

Owner/CEO of Dr. Reyes Life Coaching, LLC
(2019 – Present)
Coaching managers, leaders to develop leadership skills, overcome challenges, set and achieve goals in alignment with strategic priorities.
Challenges the status quo and looks for ways to improve Leadership teams and organizational performance through coaching influence.
Serves as a subject matter expert in coaching, facilitation, mentoring and counseling of leaders to coaching effectiveness and accountability of their teams.
Motivational speaker to transform traditional career thinking to more dynamic and diverse career strategies
Clear and concise coaching solutions that are easy to follow
Influences leaders towards growth and development.

Clinical Manager at a Fortune 500 Health Plan (2016 – Present)
• Direct manager of 11 Clinicians and part of a team of 30, statewide
• Manage behavioral health case management services for Star Plus team including oversight of clinical policies and procedures, day to day clinical case management services and staff
• Managed cross-functional projects with CM 2.0 and Rapid readmissions
• Ensured compliance with case management and referral procedures and processes to meet NCQA and HEDIS standards
• Ensure all programs and clinical operations are in full compliance with state and federal regulations including HIPAA
• Monitor the effectiveness of existing procedures and outreach/intervention efforts
• Monitor data to address trends or potential quality improvement opportunities including provider issues, service gaps, member need




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