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Here are some Podcasts by Latinas, that I have found in Spotify.  Podcasts are the latest way we are consuming media and learning!  If you looking for a new podcast or looking for one made by Latinas, here’s a list of some that I have come across on Spotify. Each of the podcast descriptions is from Spotify.  For more information on each, go to their podcast, Instagram, or website.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I have not listened to each of these. 

While I have not listened to all to these podcasts yet, I still encourage you to check out each and find one or two that you love.  Remember just like anything else try a few out and see which one fits with you.

Latina to Latina 93 Episodes. Launched Apr 2018. In this interview series, host Alicia Menendez talks to remarkable Latinas about making it, faking it, and everything in between. In often-hilarious and always-revealing episodes, Alicia and her guests take on the challenges of existing, and then thriving, as women of color. https://www.latinatolatina.com/

The Level Up Latina Level Up  44 Episodes. Launched Apr 2019.  Latina partners with working women and mommas alike to guide them in achieving a fulfilling career and life goals through a truly guilt-free evolution.

All Things Latina Podcast  14 Episodes. Launched Dec 2019.  Welcome to All Things Latina Podcast where you will find topics relating to business, career and a kick of motivation. Listen in..and you’ll learn a thing or two! IG: AllThingsLatinaPodcast

Latina Theory Midwest 38 Episodes. Launched Jan 2017. Latinxs Maria Isa & Jessica Lopez Lyman cover everything from current events, race, and gender to edutainment, chisme y musica, all in one Spanglish podcast. @LatinaTheory @jlopezlyman @MariaIsa

Latina Business Coach 15 Episodes. Launched Feb 2020 Jessica Bahena is the Latina Business Coach, Business Strategist and Founder of Femmina: Society for Latina Entrepreneurs. She is obsessed with helping multi-passionate entrepreneurs find their area of focus and shares no-fluff, short and strategic ways to build and grow your business.

Latina y que The Evolution. 10 Episodes. Launched Feb 2020. A podcast where we discuss Latinas learning to evolve from traditional lifestyles and roles to the Latinas we are and want to be today.

LATINALY 3 Episodes. Launched Mar 2020. LATINALY is a lifestyle podcast that is Untamed, Uncensored, and Unapologetic! We talk about life, sex, relationships, money, respect, love, and much more! Through the eyes of Puerto Rican host, Kiah Rose, we take a deep dive into her millennial Latina day to day reality. We are truthful, transparent, and we keep it all too real – this is LATINALY!

Yo Quiero Dinero.  18 Episodes. Launched Apr 2019. Yo Quiero Dinero is a personal finance podcast for the modern Latina, hosted by Jannese Torres-Rodriguez, creator and CEO of DelishDlites.com, a Latin food blog. While working her way up the corporate ladder as an engineer, she’s become an expert on topics like running a successful small business, investing with a purpose, and creating generational wealth. She is passionate about educating women, and especially Latinas, about the powerful ways that money can be used to manifest the life of your dreams, build a multi-generational legacy, and secure financial freedom and independence.

Not Your Basic Latina5 Episodes. Launched Mar 2020. A podcast about living between completely different worlds and enjoying every minute of it. 🎧 I identify as a Latina but I am so much more than that. On this podcast, I hope to bring you more about Latinx, women, and POC doing all the things from tech to music to film to books to true crime and more!  Let’s goooo!  #notyourbasiclatina #NYBL

Latina Money 11 Episodes. Launched Aug 2018. Latina Money is a podcast designed to inspire + fuel wealth creation for the modern Latina. Founder and host, Janet Cruz Bisonó is a Millennial Latina talking wealth + money with successful entrepreneurs, amazing creators, and industry elites to share exclusive insider tips, wisdom and action-based strategies to help you create your own wealth and build smart + savvy income.

Self-ish Latina Podcast 21 Episodes. Launched Dec 2014. The central organizing principle of the project is that first-generation American born Latinos or Enyes, share a distinct identity, shaped by their experience growing up between two cultures. Their “home” culture reflects the heritage and traditions of their family’s country of origin and is often in conflict with the mainstream American culture they experience everywhere else. Driving awareness of the shared Enye experience, and giving it a name, generates a powerful sense of belonging for a population struggling to understand where they fit in.

Latinas Everyday 24 Episodes. Launched Mar 2019. Latinas Everyday is a podcast designed to support, promote, and empower la mujer latina through the discussion of self-growth, career, family, love y un poquito de todo.

Confessions of a Latina in the Midwest 9 Episodes. Launched Feb 2020. Join CueponiCihuatl as she talks about her experiences growing up in rural Iowa as a Latina. During these episodes she will bring to light many of her experiences. This podcast is in Spanglish. Follow the podcast’s instagram account @alatinainthemidwest. Thank you for listening and supporting this project!

Living La Vida Latina 8 Episodes. Launched Mar 2020. Two kick-ass girls having real conversations about topics that impact our everyday life. No topic is off-limits … well maybe!

Latina MBA 4 Episodes. Launched Feb 2020. I am on a mission to ensure each and every #Hispanic #Latina #immigrant #business owner or #entrepreneur knows business basics and strategy. Please share for those who would benefit.

Tejana Talk 12 Episodes. Launched Mar 2019. hree Tejanas talk about el amor, vida and EVERYTHING in between.

These are few that were on Spotify (my platform of choice) I highly encourage you to check these or any other Latina made podcasts.  Do you like podcasts?  Which 2 or 3 are your favorite?

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