Persistence During High Stress

The key to success is persistence, we have all heard this many, many times.  But what does it really mean?  When shit hits the fan, we tend to lose focus, much like now during this Covid-19 pandemic.  The world feels like it is crumbling and all anyone is talking about is the toilet paper shortage.  So, then what do you do, when you are trying to focus on your goals?  When you start to feel like your goals are irrelevant?

I completely understand!  As a Career and Life Coach, public speaking is one of the ways that I can engage with others and grow my business.  Is this the only way? Of course not, does it feel like I lost a huge chunk of opportunity?  Yes, or course it does!   The key word in that sentence is feel, while it might feel like all is lost it really isn’t.  As an entrepreneur, this is a great opportunity to flex those persistence muscles and as a woman, Latina, mom, leader (boss) this is also a time that character is tested.

There are so many valuable lessons from this event and you have two choices: learn and grow or lose your shit with the masses.   I am always for learning and growing.

I will be honest this week was tough for me to focus on growing my business.  And it was so hard to peel myself off the social media/ Covid-19 news train.   As, a former news junkie, I found myself back to my news junkie habits.  Watching the news, searching for anything new and simply forgetting everything I have been working for.  It took a lot to get back on this persistence train, to refocus, and not lose my shit too.

Here are some steps I took to get myself back on track:

  • Allowed myself to lose my shit.  Ok, maybe indulging in the Covid-19 train, wasn’t so bad.  What is bad is joining in on the hysteria, adding to the fake news, and over all high stress vibe.   And while I did not really lose my shit, I did lose focus.  Sometimes we just have to allow ourselves to be in the moment, even it is in hysteria.  What is more important is that we get ourselves out; only you can make that choice.
  • Disconnected I took a step back from everything.  On Wednesday, we had planned (more like impromptu, we through the idea around Sunday) trip to the beach.  We had not been to the beach in YEARS, so this impromptu trip really saved me.  It allowed me to disconnect during the escalation of this national emergency.  It allowed me to slow down, feel the earth, the sand, the waves and experience my sons’ first trip to the beach.  See the joy in his face, in his world, there is no Covid-19.   When he is my age, he will not even remember the hysteria, but he will remember his first beach trip.  I wish I could say that I was “all better” after this trip to the beach but when I returned to work the next day, I was back to feeling the pull to get on the Covid-19 train.   And I really wasn’t that focused on my business goals or action items.
  • Expressed myself.  Since I couldn’t get myself to stop thinking about this Covid-19 thing, and what my intuition was telling me (since last week) I started checking in on my staff.  One by one, asking them how they were doing and what they were doing to prep during this time.  My team and myself are fortunate enough to work from home, so work will be business as usual.  Something, told me, get some basics because people are going to stockpile food.  I urged my staff to get some basics, even just some rice & beans but to get foods that they would eat later; who needs food they won’t eat after all of this settles down.  From one day to the next, the hysteria got worse and now today there are empty shelves everywhere.
  • Spread Calm.  Now we are here, with some much angst in the  world, what do we do?  It feels like we cannot do anything, and everything is only adding to the noise.  I asked myself, what can I do to quiet the noise.  I take time outdoors, time with my family, and time to myself.  All these help me, and those around me, but is there more that I can do?   So I created a phone wallpaper to share on my social media platforms.  Affirmations can go a long way and by creating more positive, calming content it is helping quiet the noise.
  • Refocused. After what felt like days (literally, each day this week has felt like double)  I am refocusing on B-School and my business goals.  I am disconnecting from social media and the news (shout out to my husband for helping me!)  and working on my action items for this week and next week.

This time, of unrest and high stress, is the time to press on, do not lose ground towards your goals.  Yes, this is a sad, unpredictable, and unfortunate time; but it will pass.  Lemanting during this time and not doing anything is not productive.  Peel yourself off the Covid-19 train!  Get back on I have goals train you will thank yourself later!   In one month, six months, a year later… what do you want to look back at?  Do you want to see your mass hysteria (facebook will remind you) or do you want to know that you kept moving forward towards your goals?  Re-Aligning yourself with what matters (and it’s not toilet paper or hating trump).

What are you focusing on today? Right now?

Write a list of all the things in your life that matter, choose one that you will spend time on today!

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Here are some affirmations to help you refocus and gain some momentum to press on

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