Tips for managing a Crisis

During any time of crisis it is easy to lose all reason.  There are so many media outlets and then there’s just the fake news.    This Covid-19 is serious business, let me say that first before my post sounds like I am trivializing something.  Since the begin, something just felt different to me about this.  I personally stopped watching the news about six months ago, what I mean is that I no longer was enslaved by watching the news daily and I mean I watched it religiously (6AM, 7AM, 8AM Noon (on days i remembered) 5PM -7PM, 10PM) and for what?  They mostly repeated themselves.

But when I first caught wind of Covid-19, about two weeks ago, my heart told me to get some dry goods, non perishables, my inner voice was saying something is off here.   I had not seen the news of what was going on internationally until a few days ago.  I heard about what was going on in Italy, it was shocking to say the least.  I again, started asking my staff what all they are doing to prep for any upcoming closures/city restrictions.   I am not personally worried about getting Covid-19, I am more concern about the spread and those it could affect severely and what is to come if the city is shut down.

Here are some tips for managing this crisis and any emergency

  • Talk about how you feel to others.  It is important that we express ourselves.  By not talking you can begin feeling worse.  You can begin to manifest physical symptoms (psychosomatic) due to all the worry that is going on.   By holding in your worry, it is not good for you or anyone around you.   If you do not feel like you can express yourself to anyone, then do some journal entries to allow yourself to process your feelings.
  • Meditate.  Meditation is good daily practice.  It helps center and ground you.  It does not have to be long, it can be as short as three minutes.  Here’s my quick 3-minute meditation (start video at about 5 minutes).  This helps in relaxing you, relaxing your body and grounding yourself.
  • Prayer.  Praying is similar to all three (journaling, meditation, talking to others); it is taking time to concentrate and express yourself.  There is a difference though, between praying and worrying more.  If you are feeling more anxious after prayer, evaluate your thoughts and words you are using doing times of prayer.  Focus on words that bring more positivity, healing and love.
  • Supplies.  If you feel the need and have the means, purchase some basic supplies.  Personally, I am good with beans, rice, and oatmeal.  The last thing you want to do is, is to buy food that will go to waste.   Let’s say all of this blows over in two weeks?  What will you do with 10 jars of food item you never would normally eat?
  • Plan of Action.  Like any other emergency, you should have a plan of action for your immediate and extended family.  Where is a rendezvous point?  Who will meet where, under what circumstances etc.
  • Plan of Action at work.  At this rate, most large corporations have started working on emergency plans.  Make sure to read it and provide guidance to your staff if you lead a team.  Work out any possible scenarios that may lead to confusion or unpaid work time.   Have a meeting where staff can express their concerns (via teleconference) if possible to contain any spread of the virus.

While these times are very uneasy, take this time to enjoy your family.   Talk to your kids about the situation, if they understand something is going on, and let them express themselves.   The best we can do is, take everything day by day.

Are you taking any steps to prep?  What are some ways you are working on restoring order in your life amidst this crisis?

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