Reflecting on Coaching Failures

As a career coach, life coach, leadership coach… whatever coach, I am here to say, we fail too.  All successful people, fail a lot before getting any traction and let me tell you it sucks just as much as failing at anything does.

And, today, I failed.

So what did I do? What do I tell my clients to do when they “fail”? I tell them to take time to reflect on the failure. To reflect on why their efforts were not successful at reaching their goals.

Today, I failed because I did not have any participants call in to my Self Care Sunday session.  (I did have a participant join late.)  After feeling so down about it, here’s a few questions I reflected on and can help you process your “failures”:

  1. Is what you are offering, what your clients are wanting to buy?
  2. If it is not the product, was it the time or day?
  3. If it is not the product, time or day, was it something else?
  4. What can you learn from this?
  5. What is your next step after this?
  1. Is what you are offering, what your clients are wanting to buy?  Currently,  I have less than 300 likes/followers in most of my social media. This is who sees my offerings, so am I targeting my idea client? Maybe/maybe not.  It does take time to reach, your desired and ideal client.  It is possible that I am not reaching my ideal client and what I am offering is not the issue.   My facebook page noted that my event post reached 418 people (woohoo), 15 people responded to my event, my registration page had 22 visits and 6 people signed up.  So, based on this, there was some interest in the event.  So assuming what I am offering is desired by my ideal client, then what else could have caused the “failure.” Let’s keep going to learn from this “failure.”
  2. If it is not the product, was it the time or day?  So if it is not the product that is the problem then was it the time or the day that I chose to host my webinar.  I did have two women reach out to me, letting me know that the day/time did not work for them.  Previously in my surveys, I have known that Sundays are a hard day for my current audience. So yes, I should have taken that into account and will definitely keep it mind for my future events.  So, that should be an easy fix, survey my current group members and see what day/time works for most and that fits my schedule too.
  3. If it is not the product, time or day, was it something else? Ok, based on the previous question yes, the time/day may have played into this failure but was there anything else? I did have a participant come late to the session.  We did meet and it was a great 1:1 session on personal development and personality traits.  What she let me know was that she was having technical issues, first she had issues with her computer, then when trying to get on through her phone app she had issues logging into Zoom.   This is great feedback for future events.  This is not the first time I have participants let me know that they had issues logging into Zoom.  Solution? Look into other webinar options. That will be a plan of action for me.  Having technical issues really turns people off, this is really important in keeping people engaged in what you have to offer.
  4. What can you learn from this?  There was so much I learned from this failure! So many great things to consider when setting up my next webinar and the content that I plan to provide my ideal client.
  5. What is your next step after this? After answering each of these questions, it is important to summarize what you wrote. Yes it sounds tedious but it is important.  My next step will be to do some market research on my ideal client’s needs, availability, and research more user friendly webinar options.

What do you do when you have a failure?  Do you just stop trying? Do you take time to reflect on why it was a failure?

Failures are only failures if you fail to learn something from them!  Do yourself a solid and take time to learn from your failures.

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