Leadership: Are you being a GOOD role model?

“As I grow older I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.” – Andrew Carnegie

As leaders we need to remember that we are a role model to our staff, peers, and community.  By taking the time to follow our own advice by doing what we say we are going to do and expect from others, allows others to grow exponentially.  

It is something that we may forget, at times, time goes on and we get comfortable in our leadership role but it is really important that we are a role model, for our staff, peers, and community.

A great telltale sign of what type of leader you are being is looking at how your staff are acting in return.  They are a true reflection of you and your leadership. Are you staff working as a team, are they jumping in to help with projects or are they avoiding doing anything extra?

If you are finding yourself in situations where your staff are not working to their full potential, then it is important to reflect on what may be causing this.  There may be a root cause that stems from your leadership (or lack of) and/or your staff.  If you find yourself with the same problems with all your staff, it is more likely that the problem lies with you.

How then do you work with this?  How do you develop better leadership skills? Are you taking the time to develop your leadership skills?  Are you just hoping your team will figure it out?

Rudy Giuliani  states that “All leaders are influenced by those they admire. Reading about them and studying their traits inevitably allows an inspiring leader to develop his own leadership traits.” 

Here are three actions you can take to develop in to a better or great leader

  • Reading books on leadership
  • Finding a mentor/leaders that you admire
  • Leadership trainings
  • Being accountable to your team and yourself
  • Being authentic and having integrity
  • Great customer service for your staff and members

Below are two resources to get you started in the right path towards better leadership.


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