Self Care: Ideas for a Daily Routine


Some of our best intentions fail because we don’t have a system of execution. When it comes down to it, your new attitudes and behaviors must be incorporated into your monthly, weekly, and daily routines to affect any real, positive change. A routine is something you do every day without fail, so that eventually, like brushing your teeth or putting on your seatbelt, you do it without conscious thought. – The Compound Effect | Darren Hardy https://amzn.to/31Q9kw9

Self Care: Ideas for a Daily Routine

It has now been just over a week that I made myself a daily routine to follow. Have I followed it to the tee? Nope. Has it made a difference in my life? Heck yeah!

Why did I start a routine? One day, I had the strong urge to create a routine for myself. We have all heard, or at least I have, that all successful people and more specifically CEOs have daily routines. And that they wake up at 5am to do these “routines.” Now I had an urge to start a routine or daily practices but I did not have a strong urge to change what time I woke up. This thought that you have to wake up at some ungodly hour to be successful just sounds ridonklous to me. If you are not familiar with me and my thinking, I am a firm believer of to each their own. And for me 5am is my time for sleep.

So what did I take from this urge and need for a daily routine? I took it to mean some daily practices to help me become and stay more centered. The first thing I did was ask around to see what others were doing. I found, like myself, most people don’t have a daily routine per say. So, I did what any other self respecting person would do, I just made it up. Ok not really because obviously I have heard it somewhere but I made up a routine that made sense for me. I took a page in my bullet journal (go here to learn more about bullet journaling) and create a “my ideal day” page.

This page is not filled with things that need to be perfectly done but a page of things I would like to do during different blocks of time. For example, in the mornings after taking care of logistics (give sleeping baby to someone to watch while I get ready) I then begin with two rounds of Sun Salutation and then a glass of water. This had an unintended effect on me aka helped moved my bowel movements along, lol. The pictures below shows what else I had on my daily routine list.

What I also found that this daily routine did for me was help me take stress on at a higher level than before. Now stress, for me, has not ever really been an issue. I have been fortunate enough to be able to handle large amounts of stress and still function well. Last Thursday, I had a very and I mean very stressful day. I literally felt out of whack that day. The following down (as I kept to my routine as much as I could on Thursday) I was rejuvenated. Friday I woke up refreshed and ready to kick ass.

I wrote my team an empowering email and even sent them a silly picture of me. Thanking them for being awesome. See picture below. I realized then that this routine business was/is another way to show yourself self love and care. By doing these seemingly trite things on a daily basis allows for your body to handle a lot more than before and not just handle it but refresh, reset, and rejuvenate!

So what are some things to consider to add to your daily routine? Here are some of my thoughts and suggestions:

  • Pick a day and time that works for you
  • Pick something you like doing
  • Meditation – start small 1 to 3 minutes then build up as you like
  • Journaling – again start small and if you find it hard to write about something, start with journal prompts
  • Hydration – we all could use more water in lives
  • Listen to motivational tracks
  • Light cleaning – picking up/clearing off your desk
  • Reviewing to do lists
  • Checking emails a limited amount of times a day
  • Going outdoors
  • Taking a nap
  • Reading

Do you have a daily routine? What are some things you do on your daily routine? How did you get started? Are you a 5am-er?

Write your comments, thoughts, and feedback below! I would love to hear what works or doesn’t work for you.

I wrote out my “ideal” daily routine then added it to my desk calendar. It doesn’t do me any goal if I don’t have it somewhere I can’t see it daily.

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The picture I sent the team.

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