Leadership Series Intro | Looking to develop your leadership skills?


Leadership Series Intro | Looking to develop your leadership skills?

What does it mean to be a leader? What type of leader are you? What are some ways to grow as a leader? How to be a good leader?

The next series of post and videos will be related to leadership development, what it means to be a leader, the types of leaders there is and how to grow as a leader.  By working on yourself you cannot only become a great leader, you can also help others develop themselves as well.

So, what does it meant to be a “leader”?  What comes to mind?  The dictionary defines a leader as the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country  or the principal player in a music group.    This the traditional view of what a leader is, the updated version?   Everyone is a leader, a leader in their lives, how their life is headed, and in so many other ways.

So, what type of leader are you?  Passive, aggressive, reserved, thoughtful, engaging… the list goes on, and most likely you are all of those.  I am a firm believer that there is a time and place for everything.  We only need to know what tool to use in order to be successful.

What are some ways to grow as a leader? There are so many ways to grow as a leader (reading books, take classes, practice, etc) but they are all they same, in that they challenge your thinking.   The only way to grow is through challenges AND reflection of those challenges.  Sounds easy enough, but most people get comfortable and stop growing when they have hit their sweet spot.  But not you!  That’s why you are reading this, because you want to grow!

So then, how do you become a good leader? This one is so easy that most people overlook it, and they actually fear it.  You become a GREAT leader by simply being you, by simply being honest, and willing to learn.

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