Career Myth: Go for a job only if you have all the skills

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A common myth about planning your career and life: “Go for a job only if you have all the skills.

Most women, sell themselves short, they do not feel ready for the job if they cannot check off all of the “check” boxes.    Trust me, if you can “check” off all the checkboxes, it is NOT the job for you.   Think of a career as a journey, and each “job” is a stretch goal.

Not sure what a stretch goal is?  A stretch goal, is a goal that is more than just within reach.  Think of it as that cheeto that fell under the coffee table and you lean over as far as you can, so far that you almost fall over trying to get that dang cheeto.  But you don’t! So you win, you win because you did not have to get off the couch and were able to stretch yourself there.

Yeah, we have all done that lol.  And as we get better at it, we stop falling, and the stretching becomes easier and easier.   So the next time you see a job that screams your name, do not just pass it up and apply.

If you get it, yay! If you don’t you are no worse off.  Do not see a rejection as a no.  Think a of a rejection as a not right now, as a try again, or look elsewhere.

There are so many opportunities, popping up all the time.  If we stop stretching ourselves, then we’ll stop learning.  If we do not continue to learn, then we will not continue to grow.  So, go for the job then learn the skills!  (That’s what men do, and look how well they advance in their careers).

What will you do today to set a stretch goal? 

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Myth from Luck Is No Accident: Making the Most of Happenstance in Your Life and Career by John Krumboltz PhD and Al Levin EdD 


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