Life’s Purpose

We are the only species that questions our purpose. Every other living and non living thing (per science) on this earth does not question why it is, it just is. It serves its purpose day in and day out.

We are all born with our purpose in life but over time we let it go. We allow our fear instead of love to guide us.

What is worse is that those that live in such fear, mock and laugh at those living their purpose. “She can’t possibly be happy.” “Why would you want to do that?” “Who does he think he is?” “Why is he/she with her?” “I am better than her.”

Instead of applauding others for living out their dream, society, those living in fear tear dreamers down.

What are you doing? Are you helping others in their journey, on fulfilling their purpose in life? Or are you just complaining?

As a Career & Life Coach, I focus on guiding others. It is my path to be a coach, a guide, a teacher… to remind others of their path, their potential and the endless possibilities.

It is a noble path, a path that I have always known in m heart. If you so choose to follow your calling and need a guide, I am here.

Read my post, watch my videos, each has a message for you and how to get back on your path.


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