Career Myth: Sacrifice everything for your career

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Common Myth About planning your career and life: “Do all you can to make your “dream” come true.

There are many people who truly believe that you must sacrifice everything to be make your dream come true.  I am a firm believer of the opposite.  Oftentimes if what you are doing is a lot of work, no matter what it is, and you hate it, it is most likely not  your calling.

I changed my major twice due to this.  I once was a communication design major, I loved doing my coursework and I was passing my classes with As.  But I just felt like I was lacking the passion needed to really make it.  I did not have that wild creative to stand out.  So, after changing my major for a second time I decided to change it again.  I changed my major to psychology.  I was in love with it and it didn’t feel like work.

So what so should you do? Just quick and chase a crazy dream?  No, of course not.  If you are doing something and it is not working and not getting you to  your “dream.” Then it is time to reevaluate you dream.  Is what you want and what you are currently doing aligning?  Is it really what you want to do or are you chasing someone else’s dream?

For the next 3 days, take time to journal. Here are three journal prompts to get you thinking.

  • Day 1: If money was no issue what would I love doing? What would I do for free?
    • Do not sell yourself short and start overthinking this.  Just be free with your writing.
  • Day 2: What would I need to change to do ________________________? (fill in the blank from day 1)
    • Think high level, try not to think of the limitations and think of the possibilities.
  • Day 3: What is holding me back from doing this ______________________? (fill in the blank from day 1)
    • Express your feelings it is ok to be vulnerable.

Let me know what comes to mind after completing this activity.

Myth from Luck Is No Accident: Making the Most of Happenstance in Your Life and Career by John Krumboltz PhD and Al Levin EdD 

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