Career Myth: Don’t let events disrupt your plans

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A common myth about planning your career and life : “Don’t let unexpected events disrupt your plans.”

All advice is well meaning, but it is important to note that ALL advice comes from personal bias and personal experience.   What anyone says or thinks in regards to YOUR plans is skewed from their lens, their beliefs,  and their expectations.

It is perfectly OK to consult with others, ask others their thoughts but do not make any decisions based on any advice that does not sit well with you.

What then do you do when you are in a crossroads due to unexpected event?  Easy! Meditate, ask your higher self for guidance.  What if you do not have beliefs that align with that?  Easy! Take time to self reflect on what it is that YOU really want by writing.  Not sure?  That is ok, take your time.  There’s a great thing about decisions even big important life decisions.  You CAN change your mind and do something else.  YOU DO NOT, I repeat, YOU DO NOT owe anyone an explanation as to why you want to do something.

Life is filled with unexpected decisions.   We cannot always stick to plans, especially after a plan no longer makes sense.   If someone does not want to support you in your decision it is ok.  You do not have to have anyone’s approval to do what you want to do.

How has your life path changed due to unexpected events?

Myth from Luck Is No Accident: Making the Most of Happenstance in Your Life and Career by John Krumboltz PhD and Al Levin EdD 

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