Career Advice: Be aware of your surroundings

Career Advice: Be aware of your surroundings

Take your head out of your phone, right now!  Look around, what do you see?  What opportunities await you?  If you are home thinking, nothing, then nothing will come.  Change your mindset and really begin to look at the opportunities you have.

One of my participants in my research talked about an opportunity that she “happened” upon, when walking through a building.  She saw a sign, for an opportunity, to attend a intensive workshop that would help her in getting ahead in her master’s program.  Best of all, it was an all expenses paid program, all she had to do was apply.   Later she found out that each university from the most elite programs (like Harvard) sent two students from their respective campuses.  She was amongst the brightest of the brightest.

There is more to her story that led to even more incredible opportunities while she was at the workshop.  Had she not been “aware of her surroundings” she would not have seen the opportunity.

Take some time today and every day to truly ‘look around’ and see what possibilities there is up for grabs!  Jot them down, and go for one, or two, or ALL of them! Life is short, take all the opportunities that come your way.


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