Career Planning Myths

Career Planning Myths

Opinions often lead to bad advice and we all have heard our fair share of it.  How many times have you followed someone else’s advice instead of your own intuition and it lead you down the “wrong” path.  If you were “smart” you would go back and retrace your steps but often times we get so lost going the wrong direction that we do not even remember where we were trying to go.

Below are some common myths, myths that Krumboltz wrote about over twenty years ago and that we are still hearing today.

Common Myths About Planning your life and career

    • Don’t let unexpected events disrupt your plans
    • Choose a career goal as soon as possible
    • Do all you can to make your “dream” come true
    • Take action only when you are sure of the outcome
    • Avoid making mistakes
    • Wait for a lucky break
    • Go for a job only if you have all the skills
    • Put your career first
    • Always hold on to your beliefs
    • Believe that luck is just an accident

Excerpt from Luck Is No Accident: Making the Most of Happenstance in Your Life and Career by John Krumboltz PhD and Al Levin EdD 

Over the next few weeks I will be going over these and providing my own thoughts on each of these.  I will provide my personal examples and action steps that I took to transform my career and that I continue to do.

What are some ways that you have created your own luck?   Which of these myths have you heard the most?


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