Career Advice: Make the Most of Unplanned Events

Career Advice: Make the Most of Unplanned Events

Life is made up of life events and we must learn to make the most of them, when we do not it is when we begin to get stuck.

In June 2010,  I was really excited to buy my house, that was almost 10 years ago.  I could not imagine where I would be today, but I was excited for my future.  Fast forward to September later that year and I was laid off from my first “real” job with benefits.  I was I worried about what was to come?  Yes, I cannot deny that I was but I was also prepared for the possibility when my company had announced that layoffs would occur.

Since I knew that it was a real possibility,  I prepared myself both financially and what was to come (looking for a job).  I was in the middle of graduate school and had just changed my major from Counseling to Bilingual Education.  I figured since I was in graduate school, I could use loans to help me out (if needed) and decided to take a part time job.  A part-time that would help me figure out if I wanted to work with elementary age students.

To make a long story short, I realized NO I DID NOT WANT work for an elementary school and definitely not teaching.  Fifteen semester credit hours later, I was changing my major back to Counseling.  Was that all a waste? No definitely was not, I took the opportunity of not having a job to try something out and it change the tratectory of my career in a whole other direction.

At the end of the school May 2011, (well before that) I began looking for jobs related to counseling and behavioral health.  And right at the end of the school year, I found myself (just nine months after my lay off) with a full time job, with benefits and making more money that I was just the year before.

So yes we will have stumbling blocks that will make us feel like the rug was pulled from under us but we should take these as opportunities to lead us toward our path.

What are some opportunities you have stumbled upon? How have they changed your career journey and path?

unplanned you have encountered due to unplanned events?

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