Career Advice: Be Unstoppable

Career Advice: Be Unstoppable

Would you like to be unstoppable? The one way to be unstoppable is to love yourself first above all else.

Some might think this is selfish but it is not.  When you love yourself more, you judge less.  When you love yourself more, you do more for others.  And the list goes on and on.

Loving yourself more is not loving others less.  When we do not love ourselves we cannot love anyone else.  We get stuck in our heads, we live in fear, jealously and all other negative emotions.  So the only way to truly help others grow and develop is by truly loving yourself.

So ways to love yourself more:

  • Dates with yourself 
  • Self-care
  • Meditation
  • Drinking Water
  • Wellness checks
  • Dental appointments
  • Dates with yourself: yes, make time to do things on your own.  Whether it is a staycation doing something for yourself as simple as a hobby or something big like a hike or nice dinner.
  • Self-care: yes, this one is one we could all do more, myself included.  Daily self care is a MUST! We make so many excuses but it can be as little as 10 mins. Reading a book, taking a walk, journaling, any fun and relaxing hobby.
  • Meditation: some may think meditation is too ‘hard’ but really all it is is a time for your thoughts to run their course. If you find yourself having a hard time thinking, it could be because you are focusing too much on making everything “stop.”  Instead just be in your thoughts for 5 mins.  Put it in your calendar.
  • Drinking Water: Drink more water, our brains, our bodies are mostly made of water.  Drinking more water nourishes our body, mind, and soul.
  • Wellness checks: Yep, when is the last time you went for a wellness check. Love yourself by going and seeing where you need to improve.  Don’t wait until something hurts, do it now!  Be proactive.
  • Dental appointments: Same as above, love yourself by taking care of yourself.  It may not be pleasant but after a while you will not only feel better you’ll probably be smiling more too!

How does this make you unstoppable?  Easy! By loving and caring for yourself, you take a humble pride in you and who you are.  Treat yourself like the goddess or warrior that you are!  No one can tear someone down that has build themselves up.


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