Career Advice: Accept the Compliment

During the month of February, posts will revolve around self love and ways to improve our confidence both in the workplace and at home.

Today I will discuss my perspective on compliments.

Women recieve mixed messages about compliments. We begin to feel shameful when someone compliments us due to the negative conditioning we have received. “She/he must want something.” “How sexist!” “I didn’t ask you.”

The advice that we have heard serves a purpose, a warning, to not be naive. While there is people that we need to “watch out” for, for the most part most people are good. When we question everyone’s intentions we then lose our connection to others. We begin to doubt humanity and lose trust in others. And then we lose the ability to accept a compliment for what it is, just a compliment.

Someone saying something nice, that they sincerely mean.

Think back to every time you have wanted to give someone a sincere compliment, what was your intention or motivation?

I am here to remind you that… It is ok to accept a compliment, it is ok to like compliments and it is perfectly acceptable to want more. If it feels good, it is good!

Here’s how to change your mindset and love yourself more

  • Know that you are worthy of compliments
  • Start by complimenting yourself
  • Compliment others, when you sincerely want to

Its that’s simple, if we all just let go off all the social norms and expressed ourselves more freely we would connect more. We would begin to believe in each other and humanity as a whole.

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