Career Habits: Take Action

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In Bryan Oliver’s Book Habits: Create What You Need to Succeed in Life he discusses 10 habits that you can develop to succeed in life. Here’s my discussion on each of the ten habits.

Habit number ten “Take action.”  Oliver states “while creating and learning good habits are essential to your success, without the habit of action, it’s all theory.”   This reminds me of a quote I recently saw in regards to vision boards, “a vision without an action plan is a delusion.”  How many of us are hoping that our delusions just appear?

Need a little boost or guidance in getting started?

  • Take some time reading over the 10 habits.
  • Choose the ones that ring true to you, at least three to start with.
  • Select action steps on how to integrate them in your life.
    • Read more on the habits selected
    • Talk to others about them
    • Teach others on them

Since beginning my journey as a Career & Life Coach, I have started to say, that the only way to not “lose” something ( in this case that you have learned) is by sharing it.  Share it with everyone and anyone, you never know who you will impact and how much it impacts you.

What are some ways you will begin to take more action towards your goals, dreams, and desires? How will you begin using Habit #9 in the workplace and in your life?

The book link is below if you are interested in reading his book.

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