Career Habits: Protect Your Thoughts

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In Bryan Oliver’s Book Habits: Create What You Need to Succeed in Life he discusses 10 habits that you can develop to succeed in life. Here’s my discussion on each of the ten habits.

Habit number nine ” Protect your thoughts.”  Oliver discusses how “your mind is your most valuable asses.”  So how many of us are mindful of the words we are using?  This chapter reminds me of my affirmations post that discusses the use of “I AM.”

Oliver does not suggest that you be in a defensive mode, what he means is to direct your thoughts.  Use your mind intentionally.  How many of us are just living life and going nowhere fast?

Here are some tips to get yourself going in a more intentional direction.

  • Start your day with a plan
  • Find a motivating quote
  • Make a task list
  • Make action steps
  • Start your day with a plan. Most days blend together and we lost track of them because we have no plans for them.  While not everyday can have a plan, planning your week in advance sets you up to success and living a more intentional plan.  Looking for a way to do this?  Check out my bullet journaling 101.
  • Find a motivating quote. What I find helps me set the tone for the month and weeks is by finding a quote for that week.  It keeps my thoughts focused even if it is just a simple quote like “energy flows where thoughts go.”   It’s a great reminder that every thought we have is impactful.
  • Make a task list.  Make a list, it’s that easy.  All those “things” you need to do, take some time to make a list.  Once you write them down it helps keep more organized.
  • Make action steps. After making a list, break it down to action steps if needed.  Each day work towards the next item and so forth.

What are some ways you protect your thoughts and live more intentionally?

How will you begin using Habit #9 in the workplace and in your life?

The book link is below if you are interested in reading his book.

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