Career Habits: Exercise

Habit 8

In Bryan Oliver’s Book Habits: Create What You Need to Succeed in Life he discusses 10 habits that you can develop to succeed in life. Here’s my discussion on each of the ten habits.

Habit number eight “Exercise.” Excuse me? Exercise discussed in career development habits??   The subject is often seen as taboo to discuss in the workplace and that is part of the PROBLEM we have in the US.  Everyone tiptoes around everything and this is just making every subject off limits.

So what does Oliver mean, in regards to adding exercise to your habits of success?  He states “if you are going to start becoming more productive and do what it takes to succeed, you are going to need the energy required to keep up with the work needed to reach your goals.”  So, in other words, exercise is needed to increase your energy.

You might say, but I have no time or energy to exercise.  Well, in reality you do have the time, you know those 5-7 hours after work that you just sit on your couch? (and that’s just Monday – Friday) You can spare an extra 10 to 30 minutes to do some exercise.  This does not have to be something extreme either.

Start small, start with a 5 minute walk then bump it up.  Do it daily! Just like all the other habits the more you do it, the more routine it becomes.

Our bodies are just as lazy as we are, they create the right amount of energy that we need daily.  Ever wonder why/how kids have so much energy?  That’s because they PLAY and LEARN ALL DAY.  So keep that in mind, how to slow the aging process is making time to both learn and play (aka exercise).

How will you begin using Habit #8 in the workplace and in your life?

The book link is below if you are interested in reading his book.

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