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In Bryan Oliver’s Book Habits: Create What You Need to Succeed in Life he discusses 10 habits that you can develop to succeed in life.

Here’s my discussion on each of the ten habits.  Habit number five “do what you know, not what you feel.”  Oliver, further explains, “the discipline of acting on what we know to be true rather than what we feel, helps tackle the uncertainties of life.”  He discusses the pitfalls of decisions that are rooted in emotions.

I slightly disagree with Oliver on this one, not because I do not agree with it but because I believe there is more to it than following what you “know.”  If we all followed what we “know to be true” we would not get very far.  The truth is fluid, there is no true statements and one person’s truth, facts, or logic can differ vastly than another’s.

From my point of view, there are two ways of “knowing” and that is through feelings and intuition.   It is important to note that both ways of knowing are intertwined in each other, how many times do you find yourself saying “I knew I should haven’t done that!” or “I knew it! See I told you.”

So what, then do we do?  Do we follow our emotions, our intuition, or facts?

This is where it gets messy, since all of your ways of knowing are intertwined with each other it can be difficult to decipher.   There are routine decisions that should be based on past successes but what then on new ventures.  How should you handle that?   Take some time to reflect on it, and let your intuition guide you.  Your intuition is god-given and should be nurtured.  The more you use your intuition the faster you’ll connect with making better decisions.

Now let’s be clear, intuition is not based in emotions or reacting to others.  If you find yourself, reacting to a situation, be sure to step back and analyze what is the ‘trigger.’   Many times it is due to us having a feeling of being taken advantage of, manipulated or unappreciated.

What do you use to make daily decisions? new ventures?  How will you begin using Habit #5 in your workplace?

The book link is below if you are interested in reading his book.

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