Book Club – for Career Development

Love books? Do you find yourself attracted to self development books? Would you like to start your own book club? Not sure how to start one?

Here are three easy steps to start a book club on your own or workplace.

  1. Pick a book
  2. Invite your friends
  3. Create a place for group discussions
  1. Pick a book, choose a book that sparks your interest. There are many types of book, make sure to skim the format of the book to see if it is one that would be well suited for book discussions. Here’s a list of books I enjoyed reading in 2019
  2. Invite your friends. Invite friends you think might be interested in joining you and send them a message. Send them a simple message stating why you want to start a book club and ask for their input too. They can also assist in the book selection.
  3. Create a place for book discussions. This can be anywhere, a facebook group, google groups, Yahoo groups etc. Make sure that everyone that is interested in thr book club has access to where you’ll have discussions. Aside from a group or forum where you can discuss the book, select the format you’d like to have weekly discussions on the book. This can be both via posts or phone.

This is exactly how I started my first book club. I really wanted to discuss the books I was reading with others but had no one to talk to. I text messaged a few friends, then I sent a followed up via email with the ones that agreed to join. Together we selected a book (Today Matters by John Maxwell) and I created a simple (and flexible) timeline for the weekly discussions.

As the book club started off I created an outline and questions to get us started. Here are the questions we use to start our conversations.


Discussion Post

What sticks out from the chapter?

What did you apply in your own life?

What would you want to share with others?

Is there anything else you’d like to share about this chapter?

Have you started a book club? What do you like about them? What do you find works or doesn’t work?


I’d love to hear your feedback.

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