10 Books I Read in 2019 that changed my life

Prior to 2019, I did not do much reading for fun.  After completing my Phd. in May 2019, I started yearning to read for fun again.   Here’s ten books that transformed my 2019, ending it with a bang!

In no particular order, here are the ten books that changed my life in 2019.

It was so hard to choose which books were my top ten, that I will have to make a list of ALL the books that I read in 2019 which will take me a little longer.  I hope these books help transform your life.

Have you read any of these books before?  What books have transformed your life?

books i read.jpg

Please be aware that these are Amazon affilate Links and I will get a small commission for any purchases made.  Thank you for your support.

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