Career Advice: Share your Knowledge for Free

Would you like to grow your skills and your business? Are you not sure where to start? 

Start by sharing your knowledge for free.

This might sound counterintuitive to growing your business but sharing your knowledge for free, will actually help you grow.  By sharing something for free you let go of doing a subpar job.  I am not saying that you give subpar work for free, but many times we stop ourselves from jumping in because we are afraid of putting out work that we deem less than perfect.

There’s no such thing as perfect and the best way to grow your skills is by practicing.  Whatever it is that you want to do, if you LOVE it and LOVE doing it; start by giving it away for free.  As you do these things for free you will become more in tuned with not only what YOU LIKE but also what you DON’T LIKE.  So start a side hustle (or free hustle in this case) and see where it goes.

This is a great way to dip your toe in the water without fully jumping it.  It is low risk for all those that are averse to jumping in on the deep in.  I know this can be me sometimes.  It has taken me a few times of dipping my toes to now running to the deep in and see what floats.  

What are some ways you grow your skills in the workplace or the community?   What are some low risk ways to grow yourself vs some high risks?  Which have you found to be most successful in developing your skills and interests?

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