Life Advice: Recharging During the Holidays

During the holidays it is so easy to get overwhelmed and to feel like everyone else is having a great time while you’re stuck feeling blue.

First, it is important to remember to do your best not to judge or compare yourself to others. Next thing to do, is to remember that while some people may not show it, EVERYONE gets overwhelmed during this holiday season. And finally, some holidays, some days etc, will be better than others. That’s just a fact of life, we need to have lows to enjoy the highs. Ride it out, everything will be alright.

What can you do in the mean time?

  • Take a breather
  • Review your day – at the end of the day
  • Review your week – at the end of the week
  • Keep up with a checklist
  • Play some music
  • Take a breather – it is so easy to get caught up and run down during this season. With all of your responsibilities, it is no surprise that you end the day feeling run over, and then you add the holidays? It’s a recipe for disaster. Take a breather, slow down, and enjoy the moment. Whatever that means for you.
  • Review your day – at the end of the day; At the end of the day, take a moment to see all that you did do. It’s so easy to feel like nothing got done when we have a laundry list of things that just keeps piling up.
  • Review your week – at the end of the week; same as the one before but, look at ALL that you did get to do. You’d be surprise how much you did.
  • Keep up with a checklist – Create a daily checklist, and keep up with it. Do not move on to the next thing until you get the first task done. If you find yourself skipping around, then remake your list and prioritize it accordingly.
  • Play some music – play some upbeat music or motivational speeches. This can be found easily on YouTube and other music subscriptions like Spotify.

By going over your day, taking a moment for yourself and listening to upbeat music we can recharge when we feel like our cup is empty.

What do you do to keep yourself going during these busy holidays? How do you recharge?

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