Life Advice: Sundays are for reset

Sundays – for me are a reset day. I like to spend as much time as I can on me and what I feel like doing. Usually this involves a long run for about an hour. During this time I review my last weeks goals, see what I still need to work on, what’s still pending and what I can just forget or put off. Next I get my week started. If it is the first of the month, like today, I review this months upcoming events. By taking the time to work on me, my goals and review everything else I need to do it allows me to mentally prepare for the week.

Here are some things I review:

  1. Pending items from the week before – personal goals, items I need to post for sale, receipts I need to submit for reimbursement etc.
  2. Review upcoming appts/practices/etc – during this time I try to write down or make mental notes of all the things we have this week. For example this week my teen starts her club volleyball practices + she has soccer try outs this week!! (she is trying for varsity – sending her good vibes on Monday) Our 4 year old has basketball on Tuesday and I have my group coaching class Tuesday night. (The group is in week 3 of their 4 week program). Wed – VB practice again for the teen. And the list goes on for the following days.
  3. Review with copilot(s) – it’s great to get ready for the week but it is really important to review the plans with everyone (that can help or needs to be in the know) to make for an easier week. For me, this is my teen and my husband. By having both of them in the know means everyone can do their part in making the day easier and fun of course!

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