Life Advice: Feeling Overwhelmed

During the holidays it is really easy to feel overwhelmed. This could be due to various reasons such as fast approaching deadlines, on top of holidays, and other numerous end of year engagements.

It may feel like there is nothing we can do to manage this feeling of overwhelm, but the good news is that you can!

First, take a moment away from everything. This could be going to another room, taking a long shower, stepping outside … as long as it is away from everyone and/or everything. If you are unable to step away, arrange it with someone to assist you with getting some time alone, even if it is only for 15 minutes. Once you have had some time away, to reset, refresh and not have any thing pressing on your mind. Take a moment to write down everything that is feeling overwhelming and I mean everything! After you have your list work on dividing the list into three sections: Need tos, Have tos, and Want tos. Hopefully by this point you will begin to see a bigger picture here of what all you have to do. Take a deep breath you got this!

Finally, break your list down further by what is due today, what can wait till tomorrow, one week, etcetera. Review your list daily so you can stay ahead of the game, especially during this holiday and busy time of the year.

Let me know if these tips or any other tips helped you.

What are some ways you manage the holiday stress? Share your tips below!

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