Career & Life advice: Be thankful every day

Expressing gratitude daily will change your life in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

Yes, you’re thankful but work sucks, your coworkers sucks, your car sucks… is there anything in your life that doesn’t suck?

Your words, your thoughts become your reality. Ever wonder how others just seem to be at right place at the right. Want to know the secret? They weren’t wasting their time or energy thinking about what sucks, they are thinking about the great things around them. When we focus on the good and great things around us, we then can see the opportunities around us. Wake up today! Decide you want to be happy.

Here’s a few ways to start having an attitude of gratitude:

  1. Wake up each morning and say thank you
  2. Set reminders to be thankful
  3. Write notes to those that you are blessed to have in your life.
  4. Start a monthly gratitude log
  5. Start a gratitude journal
  6. Every night, before bed, find 3 new things to be thankful
  1. Wake up each morning and say thank you. Yes, just simply thank god, the universe, jesus, whichever rings true to you, for another day in this beautiful world. Not feeling it? Just say it anyway, it’s a new habit, you’re retraining your brain to be thankful.
  2. Set reminders to be thankful. We all get busy and forget to take a moment to say a silent thank you to the world for everything we have. So set a daily reminder or reminders and start thanking!
  3. Write notes to those that you are blessed to have in your life. Express how you feel now, if you don’t do it now chances are you won’t do it later. My mom has always said “don’t bring me flowers when I’m dead, for what?” I take it that she wants flowers today when she can enjoy and appreciate them.
  4. Start a monthly gratitude log. You can start a monthly gratitude log on a simple spiral notebook or you can go big and get a fancy one. The point is just to start. Retrain your brain to look at all the good there is. This would a simple statement. I am thankful I can read.
  5. Start a gratitude journal. This is similar to a log but with more reflection. A journal would give you a space to write a story of why you’re thankful. Today was busy, so I am thankful I got to go for a run. Since my treadmill was acting up, I had to run outside. My daughter reminded me how nice it would feel to run in this cooler weather. I’m grateful I have someone to remind me about the good when I don’t readily see it. And it was such a great run outdoors.
  6. Every night, before bed, find 3 new things to be thankful. Here’s another simple one and it takes almost no time. Instead of laying there worrying about what you don’t have, can’t control or that you can’t sleep, start thinking and thanking for all that you do have. Be creative and silly. It’s ok to be thankful for having a great hair day. It’s ok to be thankful you got a great parking spot.

Start today, start now! See the amazing places that this will take you.

Leave a comment below on how you used this or what ways you express your gratitude to others, yourself and the universe.

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