Career & Life Advice: Stop living in fear

Career & Life Advice: Live without fear

It often starts in childhood when we are condition to not make mistakes, it’s quite innocent then. It is to protect us from ourselves like touching a hot stove or looking both ways when crossing a street. We are told to color inside the lines, follow rules without questions and talk when spoken to. Unfortunately this carries over to adulthood, leading us to live an overly cautious life.

A life in a box is no life at all. I don’t remember exactly when I started living in a box with a set of unspoken rules. I do have to say that it helped me be successful and follow a path to my goals. But I can’t help but feel I missed so many more opportunities by staying in my lane.

Now as I allow myself to spread my wings not worried about tripping, failing or what others will think. It is both scary and exciting. But most of all I am living and teaching my children that they can decide to live outside the box and that it is AMAZING.

This life is meant to be lived not in fear but in fun and adventures.

What fear will you conquer today?!

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