Life Advice: It takes time

When we find ourselves in the middle of the forest it’s hard to see the way out. Take a deep breath and keep going, the clearing is up ahead.

It may not feel like it is, but its there and sometimes it’s even closer than we think. Here’s some tips on how to stay motivated

  1. Make a list
  2. Talk to someone
  3. Destress
  1. Make a list: when starting a new project, goal, program etc, whatever it is, make a list of your whys. What does that mean? Write down a list of all the reasons you wanted to start this new venture then post it somewhere you can see it daily. This way it can serve as a daily reminder.
  2. Talk to someone: talking to someone about what you’re doing and how you’re feeling can bring some much needed perspective. This can also help for when you need to be held accountable towards your goals. Not sure who to talk or not comfortable? Find an online forum or group where you can talk to other like minded people.
  3. Destress: here is another one that we could all do more. And no this is not watching Netflix instead do something really relaxing or pampering. For example, a nice bath, pedicure, a massage, a leisurely walk, the list goes on. What’s most important is that you make time for yourself without the distractions.

Every goal we work towards has a point where we find ourselves wondering why we even started. It’s ok to feel lost and overwhelmed. These can be signs that we need a break and need some recentering to get back on track.

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