Career & Life Advice: Busy Weeks

Career & Life Advice: How to manage busy weeks

We all have busy weeks and the holidays seem to bring so many days and weeks that feel like double time.

I just had a busy week and I’d like to say it was completely successful but it wasn’t. As a mom a three, a wife, a FT job as a Clinical Manager and now starting a business – having a busy week is an understatement. This week I had 2 days of training (in Motivational Interviewing which was an excellent training) this put a wrench in our usual schedule. Here’s some tips that helped us manage our time a little better

  • Keep everyone in the loop
  • Review your schedule daily – at the beginning and the end
  • Be flexible
  • Take “hiccups” in stride
  • Take time for yourself
  1. Keep everyone in the loop – this is probably the hardest one to do. We repeat things so many times to ourselves, that oftentimes we think we told everyone that needs to be in the know. A few ways to keep everyone in the loop is to have a shared calendar (ex: in the kitchen), a shared digital calendar and/or a daily dry erase board. All these will help, but of course not fool proof. Some weeks just get the best of us; we just have to be positive and ride what I like to call the rainbow rollercoaster.
  2. Review your schedule – most people will review their schedules once a day and I’ll push you to do it 2x a day. As a review of what needs to be done, what can be put off and how to prepare for the day and the next. That way if we forget to loop someone in on what we have planned ahead of time at least its touched on the day of. This can improve communication and make your day/week less stressful.
  3. Be flexible – its important to plan to stay organized but don’t let it be your end all. Sometimes things happen out of your control and losing it isn’t going to help you. Instead ride that rainbow rollercoaster again and go with the flow. Within reason of course, you still want to get shit done.
  4. Take “hiccups” in stride – let’s face it, there’s always going to be a “hiccup” – something that we couldn’t have possibly predicted or avoided. And much like being flexible, taking this hiccups, bumps in the road or sink holes, just remember this too shall pass. For example, on day 1 of my training we realized there was not enough breastmilk in the freezer. Even though we have some back up formula, my husband came by and picked up some breastmilk I had just pumped. It was a minor inconvenience but definitely reminded us to be better prepared for the next day.
  5. Take time for yourself – ok I lied, maybe this is the hardest one. I do a lot of things I like, but I don’t know that I make enough time for myself. So this a reminder for myself too, find something relaxing to do. And this can be a long bath or shower with a special bath bomb. Anything you can do alone without interruption. This is extremely important as it helps your body recharge after a busy day/week.

What are some things you do to keep yourself together on busy weeks? Have a great weekend and make sure to have some fun today and tomorrow!

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