Interviews: Wear a suit!!

You might be surprised why I might even be writing this, maybe it’s because in your industry its standard practice or NOT.

But do you want to stand out?!

I have interviewed ALOT of people. I’ve even had a person come in a bikini and guess what she got the job! Of course that was for a life guard position for an amusement park. This young lady understood the value of her time, before her interview she literally was enjoying her future work place. Working in HR for an amusement park taught a lot about people and as a clinical manager interviewing professionals most of what I learned then still applies.

You might be thinking how is this relevant to you? Well let me tell you, make sure you are wearing the RIGHT thing for the job you want after, not the one you’re interviewing.

Before I get into that, let me tell you about another time that someone got hired based on wearing a suit. As I mentioned before, I worked in HR for an amusement park and interviewed people of all ages and experience. Every year the amusement park had an allotted amount of positions for 15 year olds. These positions were filled rather quickly since there isn’t many job openings in general for 15 year olds. During this one hiring event, we had a young man come in a suit. I was very impressed as most people who came in for a seasonal position dressed very casually. He interviewed well and overall made a great impression but he was 15 and I had literally just filled the last opening. I thanked him for his time and explained the situation. Since he left such an impression on me, when there was another 15 year old opening, I immediately reached out. Be like that 15 year old and wear a suit.

Now back to you, do you want to make an amazing first impression or do you want to be mediocre?

When an employer calls you in for an interview you have already demonstrated that YOU HAVE the skills, education, or experience they are looking for. By wearing a suit you not only let an employer you value the opportunity to interview, you’ll also feel more confident. I don’t know about you but any time I wear a blazer I tend to feel a 100x more confident. And who couldn’t use a little more confidence during an interview.

Wearing a suit leaves a lasting impression, and if you’re thinking it’s too expensive then you’re really NOT that invested in yourself or your career. Out of all the professional interviews I’ve conducted I’d estimate that only about 10% of candidates have worn a suit. And I can’t count the number of times candidates have come dressed in business casual clothing with more of an emphasis on the casual part.

So, I’ll ask again do you want to be mediocre or do you want to stand out. LEVEL UP and wear a suit, it sets the tone for your next role in company.

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