Ready for the NEXT LEVEL in your Career?

Are you ready to take your career to the next level?  Not sure what your next steps is? So, you have found yourself at a job you love and enjoy going to every day.  Now you would love to move up into a leadership role. But you’re not sure where or how to start, here are some tips to get you started in the right direction.

  1. Ask for more responsibilities at work
  2. Read some books on personal growth and development
  3. Build a community at work
  4. Join or start an empowerment group at work
  5. Take some preparing for leadership courses

1. Ask for more responsibilities at work.   This might seem like a no brainer but it’s important to know what type of responsibilities you want to take on. For example, if you want to move up as a leader in your work then take on extra responsibilities that show your leadership skills.  When I was a case manager for my department, I took on running a meeting and keeping us on track.  By doing something as simple as running a meeting, you get to show your leadership skills and you help take some responsibilities from your supervisor, which, trust me will be very much appreciated!  

2. Read some books on personal growth and development.  Books are a great option to learning some great personal and leadership development.  You could also start your own book club at work!  You can also check out the library for books so you don’t even have to spend a dime! Here are some of my current reads below:

  • It’s the Manager by Jim Clifton & Jim Harter
  • Running with Giants by John Maxwell
  • The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell
  • The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Caroll
  • Maker Your Bed by William McRaven
  • Everyone Deserves a Great Manager by Stephen Covey
  • Own the Room by Amy Jen Su & Muriel Maignan Wilkins

Not what you like? No worries, just do a google search and find your fit. 

3. Build a community at work. This is something I did at work before becoming a manager, I asked my supervisor if I could start a group called Community of Practice – similar to a book club. We would meet to discuss our concerns (job related) and discussed solutions to these problems.  Starting a book club is another way to build community.  How does this help?  This shows the ability to organize, collaborate with others.  Another perk of doing this is that you may learn more about other’s job duties without taking on too much extra work like for example in cross-training. Think – jack of all trades master of none. You want to highlight and show case your skills not get buried in more work. 

4. Join or start an empowerment group at work. This is similar to building a community but with a different intention. These types of group focus less on the micro problems/issues and work to provide development opportunities.  If this does not exist at  your company speak to your manager and HR about getting one started.

5. Take some preparing for leadership courses. First check with your own employers leadership development offerings. If they do not have one for those preparing for leadership, see if you can audit one that is for current leaders.  What’s the worse they can say no?  If that is not an option, there are plenty of online free options such as YouTube and SkillShare.  Definitely check those out and see what you can learn.

Of course you can always reach out to me for some 1:1 leadership and career development coaching! This is great when you’re not quite sure and would like some coaching that caters to your specific concerns.  Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to follow for more great content!

Thank you for reading!

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