Career Development: Using Planned Happenstance – Curiosity

Planned Happenstance is a career development tool/theory that Krumboltz developed with Mitchell & Levin. The theory is based on how to “capitalize” on every day events to boost our own careers, improve our lives and live a life we love. Let’s do this!

There are five career development skills based on planned happenstance that we can utilize daily they are: curiosity, persistence, flexibility, optimism, and risk taking.

Today I will review CURIOSITY. Mitchell, Levin, & Krumboltz (1999) state that it is important to use curiosity to explore new learning experiences and opportunities.

Here are FIVE ways to explore a new learning opportunity or experience:

  1. Pick up a book – for example if you’re interested in marine biology – pick one up at your local library. Any book, it may lead you to something you love or hate. Whether you love or hate it, it will put you a step closer.
  2. Watch a documentary AND then discuss it with at least 1 person– a documentary is an easy way to learn more about any topic. But, don’t just watch it, share what you learned with a friend, a stranger or even on the internet. You might be surprised what happens next!
  3. Journal – this may not sound like a way to explore your curiosity but it is the perfect way to flesh out all those ideas you have floating around in your head. By seeing your ideas, it will lead to more. The more you create the closer you will be to knowing to your calling. Take a 7 day journal challenge and see where it leads you!
  4. Go outside and do something differentgo outside what does that mean??? It means exactly that “go outside.” This can be eating in your lunch break room instead of your desk. It might mean walking to the corner and saying hi to a neighbor. Just go outside of your comfort zone and say “Hi” to anyone that you DON’T know, you might find your next friend, boss, or career ally. Just give it a try!
  5. Try that thing! You know that thing you’ve ALWAYS wanted to try but haven’t ever dare to do it. DO IT. There is nothing stopping you and you never know where it might lead you. “but i don’t have the money” If you are at a place where that “thing” cost more money than you have at the moment; then start talking to others about it. For example, if I wanted to try bungee jumping but wasn’t sure I had the funds for it today. I could start talking about it to others via text, social media, blogging etc and see where it goes. Trying new things doesn’t have to cost money and by talking about them you’ll attract them into your lives.

Here are just five ways to get your creative juices going! If you dare try this out and leave a comment below and share your experiences. I want to hear about the great things you explore and where they lead you. I know they will take you on a great adventure!

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