I teach Latinas how to go from stressed out to Latina BOSS. Guiding them in their career development and uncovering their true purpose, while still being there for their family.

Before we can shine, we have a lot of fears to overcome.   Most of us, Latinas, have already overcome so much, without any help, it feels like we just have to keep figuring it out on our own.   We have figured out how to navigate the line between being American and Latina; navigating college, careers, parenting and everything else in between. 

Growing up as a Latina, in America,  we get so many messages from our parents, society, and the media.  It is all so overwhelming, trying to figure yourself out while also being a good wife, mom, and everything else we pile on.   Then feeling like you have no other choice on top of that, this is just how life is.  Thinking, everyone just looks happy. 

Ok, time for some real talk!  That is just a lie that your ego is telling you to keep you in fear, fear of asking for help, fear of what others might think if you speak your truth, or just plain fear of the unknown. 

Career & Life Coaching from someone like you.

I am a busy Latina, mom, and wife with multiple passions.  My biggest passion is helping others overcome their fears and step into a career they love.  I provide my clients with accountability and guidance that leads to lasting  motivation and hope. 


Coaching from a Latina like you.

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Career Coaching is more than about your career development.

You can be happy, you know you are happy, you just have so many passions it’s hard to manage them all without feeling guilty.  Guilty of not feeling like you spend enough time with your kids, husband, or family; guilty you’re not doing as good a job you thought or know you can do. Just guilty that you’re not being enough to everyone all the time. 

I can teach you how to get out of that funk, that feeling of guilt because you love everything you’re doing and just find yourself not having enough time for it all.  Or worse, feeling like you’re not getting any traction towards reaching any of your goals. 

We are all unique and each of us have our own problems and obstacles that we feel like only we can understand.  But that doesn’t mean you have to overcome them alone without any help or guidance. Why suffer alone or take twice as long to get through a new challenge when there are others than can help.  I can help.    

I understand being too busy to even set a time to meet with someone or even attend a free webinar.  That’s why I offer a variety of options that work for your busy schedule. Working with a Career Coach does not require a lot of time and does not have to be long term.  I work with my clients’ needs and meet them where they are, so they can take the steps to get the career they want sooner than later.  

Are you ready to learn how to overcome your fear of:

  • Taking a leap and leaving your current well pay job behind
  • Feeling that there are no other opportunities and you’re stuck at a dead-end job
  • Switching careers even though you don’t have time to learn something new
  • Never becoming a leader and learning how to lead in your current role
  • Being a leader and having no idea how to become a better leader

Take the leap, invest in yourself and your loved ones.  A better you, means a better you for them too. Show yourself and them, that following your heart and your dreams is never a bad idea.  Nothing to fear, the only fear to have, is the fear of staying the same.

Life is more than the end result.

With me by your side, I’ll provide you with the accountability and guidance needed to renew your motivation and hope in your career development. 

Take the leap and face your fears today

Dr. Norma Reyes

Take the first step towards following your heart, you don’t have to do this alone! Even just one session can change your life! Schedule an appointment with me today.

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